Welcome to Ground Floor Governance. This website is about project management, lean and agile processes and compliance that is directed toward small and midsized businesses and the consultants who provide services to them.

What’s in a Name?

Most of the industry knowledge and literature about IT Governance is written for enterprise level organizations and their IT Departments. The COBIT framework talks about maximizing IT investments and getting Board of Directors buy-in for governance initiatives. In businesses of 5, 10, even 100 or 200 people, it’s usually the owners, the partners, or maybe the IT Guy who makes the decision to add or change the technical environment.

Ground Floor Governance is about effective, hands-on assistance in developing and implementing controls that let business owners and partners run their company and still achieve improvements in security, workflow process efficiency, and compliance. Being on the ground floor means practical solutions and ethical service delivery.

The idea of the ground floor conjours up images of big buildings — offices and hotels — where the ground floor lobby is alive with activity that sets the tone for the whole structure. Everything that happens on the floors above starts on the ground.

But, wait. There’s more!

I almost called this blog “Garden Level Governance,” because in my experience, sometimes you no sooner step out of the door and you’re in the weeds. My intent is to stay out of the weeds. It’s to start a conversation about the flow of processes, not the size and shape of every nut and bolt used to build them. But, who knows — maybe we’ll take a tour of the garden level, too.

I’m interested in understanding and discussing the common wisdom about projects, processes and controls. I’m also interested in finding and using new methods that extend that wisdom or even make me question it. The topics in this blog won’t be limited to the common. There might even be an occasional haiku.

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